David Egerton

David has a degree in Ergonomics ( Human Factors in Engineering & Design ) and having joined British Aerospace as a Research Scientist from Loughborough University, in 1987 entered the Financial Services Industry with Legal & General Assurance Company Ltd

Career progression lead David into the Fund Management Industry and has gained over 20 years of professional experience with Threadneedle Asset Management and Framlington Unit Trust Group ( later to merge with AXA Investment Management.)

Concurrently, David helped form a Small Property Development company, which successfully built a number of sites of various sizes.

In 2011, he sold his shareholding in the Development Co and moved to Hong Kong with his family. Here he worked as an Investment Consultant, and pursued another of his passions, Coaching Rugby Union.

During this time he ran his own substantial UK property portfolio remotely and attained Planning Permission on a number of his self-owned sites.

On returning to the UK in 2015, David, together with colleagues Mike Jordan and Tim Hamilton-Davies formed JEHDI ltd.

David is jointly responsible for initial pre planning design feasibility and finance.